This page contains a collection of perspectives on what a world without war, without violence would be like....

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Here are a few thoughts that have been collected to date........

  • Root causes of violence are recognized and addressed
    • Few people are hungry or without adequate clothing, or without shelter.
    • Universal Human Rights are respected by all cultures.
    • Diversity is valued highly.
    • We are quick to recognize injustice and rally together to seek restorative justice.
    • Violence is abhorred and has been extended beyond physical violence to include emotional, verbal, written, economic, and ecological violence...more.
    • Violence is no longer "glamorized" in movies, TV, or videogames - media overexposure is recognized as having a desensitizing effect on the human consciousness.
    • Heroes are people who choose nonviolence.
  • Conflict Management Skills are widely known and used in everyday living.
    • We provide "inoculations against violence" early in a child's life by providing social skill education that can be used to recognize conflict situations, to recognize we have choices in a conflict situation
      • many of these choices are nonviolent, and
      • nonviolent choices are generally in everyone's best interest.
    • Unresolved conflicts are identified in early stages so these situations can be managed before escalating to violence.
    • The family, the surrounding community, and the world community provide the enabling framework within which disputants are expected to manage their conflict nonviolently.

  • Conflict (i.e. different ways of looking at the same important issue) is perceived as an opportunity to exchange viewpoints, to learn about another perspective, and to become better educated.

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