Tools for becoming aware of conflict situations that if ignored, may escalate into violence,

Look within - Take a moment to be still. Internal conflict is natural. It provides a source of energy. Anger is natural and can be a sign of internal conflict.

However, when we sense we are being violent to ourselves, we may want to start peacemaking within.

Listen to our family, friends, surrounding community - Family, friends, and uniquely trained people in our community can help mirror / reflect back our own internal conflicts. The communication media readily publishes stories about local, regional, national and international conflicts.
Listen to children - Youth can help us see inconsistencies, and hypocrisies. They see conflicts that adults have learned to overlook .

Listen to activists / advocates - Certain people excel in identifying injustices, violation of human rights, restriction of freedom, and other conflict situations that require third party intervention.

Look for injustice - Look for people / organizations who misuse / abuse power - The abuse of power (i.e. using power over others) is violence.

"Root Causes" of violence are often associated with situations where universal human rights are being violated, where people are being abused, where people are being disrespected, where people are bullied, mistreated, hated, abandoned, ostracized, .....